Strathmore Alberta Farm tour 2013


Marc Gibeau of Heritage Harvest shows a field of Red Fife wheat. Marc grows and mills his own grain which he sells to local bakeries in Alberta, Saskatchewan and BC.  Marc is very mechanically minded and has created some interesting inventions, like this compost tea spreader:


and here is his home-built field prep rig:


and modified air seeder that broadcasts seed. The idea is that the seed is spread out so it doesn’t grow in rows, which makes plants a bit more spread out with less space for weeds to grow:


Marc’s farm was part of the Organic Alberta Farm Tour, organized in partnership with some of the local organic grocers in Calgary, where we also visited Poplar Bluff Farm, which is growing over 20 varieties of potatoes this year.


At this farm we had a demonstration of a horse team digging the potatoes for us!


The last stop was a carrot and beet farm that grew some colourful veggies. The day finished off with a delicious BBQ turkey, beet salad and new potatoes. Yum!


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