Seed Production Trials



1. To help producers identify vegetable varieties that are suitable to be grown in their region as vegetable crops and seed crops

2. To increase the regional production of those varieties and make them more available to Canadian ecological vegetable producers


a) Growing up to 5 plant varieties and saving of seed of each variety (following Seeds of Diversity Canada (SoDC) population sizes and isolation distances listed in the Appendix);

b) Completing documentation forms for the designated plant varieties;

c) Mailing an appropriate storage quantity of cleaned seed of each variety (following the SoDC guidelines in the Appendix), to SoDC for preservation in its Seed Library; and

d) Saving an appropriate storage quantity of each variety for planting the following year.

All seed samples and documentation forms should be shipped to the following address by December 15, 2014:

Everdale Farm
P.O. Box 29, 5812 6th Line
Hillsburgh, ON
N0B 1Z0

Organic Alberta will provide the following additional services for participants:

• Training and networking opportunities

• Observation forms to share data on varieties to identify which varieties are successful and profitable to grow as vegetables and as seed crops


Vegetable seed producers may draw from the following sources of seed for the trials:

• Non-proprietary vegetable varieties of seeds not in commercial circulation (e.g. SoDC Seed Library or PGRC)

• Regionally-produced ecological seeds in commercial circulation, but currently unavailable at farm-scale quantities (e.g. small-scale seed companies)

• Non-proprietary vegetable varieties of seeds in commercial circulation that the producer would like to adapt to their farm for seed production


• If seeds sourced from the SoDC Seed Library are used and do not germinate, another sample will be supplied. This process can continue until the variety germinates well enough to produce the minimum population for the trial. If the seeds do not germinate in time, the grower will not be compensated, as there has been no documentation of information or multiplication of seeds.

• If seeds from any source germinate sufficiently and within enough time to produce a storage quantity, but the crop fails to produce seed due to agronomic, climatic, or other reasons, the grower will be compensated accordingly, as long as adequate documentation of the variety has been completed throughout the season.

• In the event the grower returns seed that is of insufficient germination or is improperly cleaned, the grower will not be penalized.


We encourage participating growers to use the following databases for finding seeds:

• BFICSS Ecological Seed Finder:

• Plant Gene Resources of Canada:

Common Name Species Isolation Distance Population Size for Genetic Maintenance Storage Quantity (Required # of Seeds To Return) Available from SoDC Seed Library
Bean, Adzuki Vigna Angularis 250m 40 400 Yes
Bean, Asparagus Vigna Unguiculata 250m 40 400 Yes
Bean, Bush Phaseolus Vulgaris 6m 40 400 Yes
Bean, Fava Vicia Faba 1000m 40 400 Yes
Bean, Hyacinth Lablas Purpureus 1000m 40 400 No
Bean, Lima Phaseolus Lunatus 90m 40 400 Yes
Bean, Mung Vigna Radiata 6m 40 400 No
Bean, Pole Phaseolus Vulgaris 6m 40 400 Yes
Bean, Runner Phaselous Coccineus 1000m 40 400 Yes
Bean, Soy Glycine Max 6m 40 400 Yes
Bean, Tepary Phaseolus Acutifolius 1000m 40 400 Yes
*Beet, Sugar Beet Beta Vulgaris 2000-8000m 40 400 No
Broccoli Brassica Oleracea Italica 1500m 80 800 Yes
*Cabbage Brassica Oleracea Capitata 1500m 80 800 No
*Cabbage, Chinese Brassica Rapa Pekinesis 1500m 80 800 No
*Carrot Daucus Carota Sativus 1500m 200 1000 No
*Celery Apium Graveolens Dulce 1500m 80 800 Yes
Corn Zea Mays 2000m-3500m 200 1000 No
Cucumber Cucumis Sativus 1500m 20 200 No
Eggplant Solanum Melongena 1500m 80 800 No
*Kale Brassica Oleracea Viridis 1500m 80 800 No
*Leek Allium Porrum 1500m 80 800 No
Lentil Lens Culinaris 20m 80 800 No
Lettuce Lactuca Sativa 8m 20 200 Yes
Melon, Muskmelon Cucumis Melo Cantalupensis 1000m 20 200 Yes
*Onion Allium Cepa Cepa 1500m 200 2000 No
*Parnsip Pastinaca Sativa 1500m 80 800 No
Pea Pisum Sativa 12m 40 400 Yes
Pepper, Sweet Capsicum Annuum 200m 20 200 Yes
Pepper, Hot Capsicum Annuum 1500m 40 400 Yes
*Radish Raphanus Sativus Sativus 1500m 80 800 No
Spinach Spinacia Oleracea 2000+m 80 800 No
Squash Cucurbita Pepo/Maxima/Moschata 1500m 20 200 Yes
*Swiss Chard Beta Vulgaris 2000-8000m 80 800 Yes
Tomato, Short Style (Typical) Lycopersicon Esculentum 15m 20 200 Yes
Tomato (Ancient Varieties) Lycopersicon Esculentum 50m 40 400 Yes
*Turnip Brassica Rapa Rapa 1500m 80 800 Yes
Watermelon, Citron Melon Citrullus Lanatus 1500m 20 200 Yes

*Biennial crops

Interested in participating in this trial?



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