Seed Resources

Find Seed

Garden Seed Finder: A service provided by Seeds of Diversity Canada and the Bauta Seed Initiative to help locate garden seeds from within Canada.

Pedigreed Field Crop Seed Finder: The Canadian Seed Growers Association (CSGA) site for finding registered seed for field crop producers.

 Find farms and Farmers

Organic Producers Directory: A directory of organic farms in Alberta and Saskatchewan.

Western Canadian Business Directory

 Seed Around the World

Seed Map: An online interactive map created by USC-Canada and the ETC group that shares stories, organizations and issues related to see around the world.

Seed Purity

Protecting Organic Seed Integrity: Organic Seed Growers and Trade Association’s (USA) guide to growing GMO-free seed

Fundamental Principals of a Farmers Seed Act: A publication from the National Farmer’s Union in Canada.

Resources For Seed Growers

Organic Seed Alliance: Includes variety trial results, tools for seed production and worksheets and record sheets. They also host a biennial conference.

BC Seeds Production videos: Instructional videos for seed production.

Resources for Seed Saving

Seed Bank Primer: This short primer on creating a seed bank was written by Seeds of Diversity’s Bob Wildfong.

Seeds of Diversity Seed Library: A collection of seeds that backs up the work of Seeds of Diversity’s member seed savers and Canadian heritage seed companies

Plant Gene Resources of Canada: Canada’s national seed bank.




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