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Red Fife: a niche wheat for small-scale organic growers

Organic Alberta hosted a conference in Strathmore on March 3, 2014. A panel of organic wheat growers (Bernie Ehnes and Marc Gibeau) from Southern Alberta described their experience with Red Fife. Of its redeeming qualities, Red Fife grows vigorously and … Continue reading

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12 Grain Crops for the Small Farmer – Part 1: Hulless Grains

Say you don’t have specialized grain-growing equipment, but you want to grow some grains one a relatively small scale. What kinds of crops could you grow, and how? This is a three-part series on grains for small farmers. Many small … Continue reading

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Small-scale grain harvesting equipment

When we think of growing grains, typically a vast horizon of wheat heads comes to mind. And big tractors. Only the slightly lunatic farmer/gardener would attempt to grow grains at a small scale. After all, a 4×8 plot in the … Continue reading

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